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News from FACO Metalltechnik.

Here you will find information about our development, innovations and projects concerning FACO Metalltechnik.



Modern press brake at FACO Metalltechnik

FACO Metalltechnik has once again set a milestone in the continuous development of its production processes: the recent investment in a state-of-the-art press brake from Safan Darley opens up new horizons for the company's production portfolio.


Perforated sheets - our core product in transition

Perforated sheets have been an integral part of our product range since FACO was founded in 1999. This area is subject to constant change, which requires us to be highly adaptable. You can read about how we position ourselves in our latest blog.


Crisis-proof Thanks to Management Report

Disruptions and crises are part and parcel of entrepreneurship, as we have experienced in recent years. How do we react when the unexpected happens and quick and drastic decisions are required? We provide an insight into how we deal with this.


Crisis-proof Thanks to Management Report

Disruptions and crises are part and parcel of entrepreneurship, as we have experienced in recent years. How do we react when the unexpected happens and quick and drastic decisions are required? We provide an insight into how we deal with this.

Fassade FACO Metalltechnik, Eingang zum Gebäude

Year in review 2022 - our highlights!

What were our highlights of 2022? We have reviewed the last twelve months and are pleased about many positive events.


Exhibition EuroBLECH 2022

Our trade fair report on EuroBLECH 2022: The technology trade fair for sheet metal working in Hanover took place again in its usual form after a long time. We were on site.


The "We Days" at FACO

How does team development work at FACO? We are convinced that good teamwork strengthens our self-confidence, increases our performance and also reduces staff turnover. That's why we organized the first "We Days" with Petra Diederich-Kammel in…

Fassade FACO Metalltechnik, Eingang zum Gebäude

E-mobility - The transformation of our vehicle fleet

This month we reached another ecological milestone towards becoming a CO2 neutral company. We switched completely to electric and hybrid mobility by replacing our last conventionally powered passenger car. You can read about the changes this entailed…


Prefabrication - from plate shears to laser cutting

The subject of prefabrication, or the processing of materials for industrial and construction application purposes, has played an important role for us since our founding. For the size of our company, we offer a very wide range of services. We would…


ISO 9001 - Our way to re-certification

Three years ago we were certified for the ISO 9001 standard. Last year and the year before last, the surveillance audits took place. Now the big day of re-certification had come. For us a great and exciting event.


Laser technology

In the summer of 2017, we decided to purchase a fiber laser. What impact the investment was to have on our business, what it actually has today and what advantages result for our customers - we report on this in this blog post.


Annual review: 2021

Read all about our ecological footprint, shortage of skilled workers and other current topics in our latest annual review.


Development of a B2B-Shop

Read all about the development of our shop-based product finder and its advantages in our latest blog post


Higher energy efficiency through digitalization

Operational environmental management and sustainable corporate governance are important to us. For this reason, we have implemented two projects with the Effizienz-Agentur NRW (EFA). The joint collaboration was a lot of fun. And the results are…


RUHR-MAKERTHON - Innovation for future

FACO Metalltechnik participates in this year's joint project "Ruhr-Makerthon - Innovation for future" - Solve our Challenge!


FACO is a company providing training

We offer places for training as industrial clerks, warehouse logistics specialists or office management clerks.


Steel shortage

FACO Metalltechnik is also affected by the shortage and price development caused by the current steel shortage.


Commitment to education

The commitment to education at FACO Metalltechnik is also manifested through our examiner activities at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).


Data protection for companies

SCS - FACO produce security cages to protect server equipment from theft, tampering and damage.


Distribution in the digital change

Sales offensive in the SCS Security Cage Systems division for our security cages also a success via social media in the digital transformation.


Skilled workers

There are vacancies at FACO-Metalltechnik. Apply today for a vacancy in a small, dedicated team.


Digital transformation at FACO Metalltechnik

Digitization is having an increasing impact on our management and employees. We are adapting our processes to be customer-oriented.

Fassade FACO Metalltechnik, Eingang zum Gebäude


Minimum distance, home office, reduced face-to-face contact, and digital meetings to protect our customers and employees.


SCS Secure Cage Systems

Planning, production and assembly of safety cages for computer systems - from our own production - made in Germany


ISO 9001 at FACO Metalltechnik

Quality management at FACO Metalltechnik according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Learn more about our current certification with TÜV Saar.

Fassade FACO Metalltechnik, Eingang zum Gebäude

Safety in operation

First aider training In-house for all employees to increase operational safety at FACO Metalltechnik.


Sustainable management

FACO believes that sustainability is feasible in the metal industry. Information on FACO Metalltechnik's involvement in the municipal project Ökoprofit 2016