FACO Metalltechnik stands for a well established company operating in the fields of metal working, metal centre, balustrade components and all-glass balustrades.

As an owner-operated company with over 30 years of experience in the industry, we provide great service and high quality, which distinguishes us as a powerful partner for the industrial, trading and crafts sectors.

The relationship with our customers is characterised by trust, respect and honesty, which allows us to form long lasting and successful cooperations. One of the most valued traits is our flexibility: whether it's an individual piece, a small order or a large production series - we manufacture your desired product tailored to your needs. Our products will take you one step further!

We are fair

To us fairness means treating our customers and suppliers with honesty, trust and appreciation. Our working processes are very transparent and comprehensive, ranging from personal consultation to production to delivery. We always communicate proactively.

We are fit for the future

Through the means of a solid corporate management we have the ability of actively forming the future, identifying and implenting trends in order to flexibly respond to the demands of the market and our customers.

Internal modernisation and structuring form an important foundation for this process. This includes investing in efficient machines, but also optimising working processes as well as continuous training regarding industrial related contents.

We are customer-centred

Being customer-centred means knowing the needs and desires of our customers in the industry, crafts and trading sectors. Through a constant exchange and close communication we put these needs and desires in our processes and products into effect.

We are quality-conscious

The combination of the big picture and the attention to detail at the same time is very important to us. Constant control and optimisation or our products as well as advanced training of our employees allows us to provide our customers with the maximum of quality. It starts with the selection of our suppliers and reaches up to the optimisation of our own operational procedures. This is how we can manage to keep our promise of quality.

We are sustainable

Sustainability is a great part of our working habit and procedures. Additionally we pay close attention to the sustainability of our suppliers, who should have equally high standards. As a result we formed our own environmental guidelines, which we developed in the course of our "Ökoprofit" ('Ecoprofit') project. As a sustainable company we attach great importance to these values and we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment.