Complex demands? Yes please!

Our customers come from a wide variety of industries including the beverage- and food industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, conveyor technology, trade fair construction and shopfitting, ship building and container construction.

Whatever it is you are planning, whatever your purposes may be and no matter how versatile your demands are - we are your reliable and flexible partner to realise your desires.

Proper material quality, precise implementation and transparency throughout the whole process are of utmost importance to us, alongside punctuality and delivery reliability.

We are looking forward to meeting new challenges!


Mechanical Engineering    

Furnace Construction

Hardening Technology

Container Construction


Vehicle Construction

Transport Device Construction

Ventilation Technology


Conveyor Technology

Emission Technology

Ship-, Interior Construction

Sound Insulation

Filter Technology

Plan- & Apparatus Construction

Food Industry

Animal Feed Industry

Beverages Industry

Illuminant Industry