Surface finishing from FACO-Metalltechnik

If you would like to improve the longevity or optics of your products, FACO offers you the most diverse types of surface treatment.

Surface refinement by FACO means: No extra ways, costs, delivery times. All from one hand!

powder coating

In powder coating electrostatically charged plastic powder is sprayed onto workpieces of electrically conductive metals such as steel and aluminum. By subsequent heating in the oven, the powder melts and cross-links into a durable and decorative surface.

Galvanizing/Hot-dip galvanizing

Hot dip galvanizing - the first choice as corrosion protection for steel.

In addition to long-term corrosion protection, hot-dip galvanizing of steel offers many advantages such as high mechanical strength, all-round rust protection, a maintenance-free surface and an appealing appearance.

Alternatively, we offer the possibility of a galvanic coating.

Electrolytical polishing, pickling and degreasing

If you wish the material to be either pickled or degreased, please indicate this when contacting us.

Without your information, perforated sheets are not degreased, but are always supplied with a slight greasing due to production reasons. The sheets are coated with a tactile and visible oil or grease film before or during perforation. This film is needed for lubrication and cooling during the stamping process.

aluminum Anodizing

As a surface refinement for aluminum, we can also offer you the anodising process.

With this process, aluminum can be colored in the desired color and protected by a hard, wear-resistant layer.

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