Our Products

Our storage standards

For years we have expanded our stock and the variety of our products for you. The circle of suppliers has been gradually expanded, so that we can procure a large number of materials from the large selection that we offer in our metal center in a timely manner.

We supply products made of various materials for industry and trade worldwide.

In order to always be able to offer you our best price, we calculate many products on a daily basis. But we also offer an on-demand service, where you can order goods ordered from our warehouse on time. This guarantees major customers optimal budgeting and reliable material availability.

We trade with these products

Perforated sheets

Directly from stock as well as custom-made products which are available in various versions and qualities

Embossed sheets

Embossed sheets directly from stock or custom-made

Design sheets

Design sheets or Creativ Line sheets from stock or custom-made

Woven wire mesh

Woven wire mesh directly from stock as well as custom-made

Expanded metal

Expanded metal sheets directly from stock as well as custom-made

Wire mesh

Wire meshes from stock or customized

Profile edgings

Profile edgings in various designs and qualities

Spot-welded meshes

Spot-welded meshes in various designs and qualities