FACO as a training company

In the coming weeks, the written and oral final examinations will begin at schools. Those who then want to start their careers with a dual training programme will be faced with many questions. Those wishing to train can choose from 325 recognised training occupations. This is not an easy decision, especially since the quality of the training also depends very much on the industry and the company. A few years ago, we decided to train for three professions: Industrial clerks, warehouse logistics specialists and office management clerks. In this way we are making a contribution to vocational training. We inspire career starters for FACO and at the same time counteract our own shortage of skilled workers.


Change of training place

It often takes months to find out whether the company you have chosen is the right one for you. At the latest in the vocational school it becomes clear what other trainees learn in the company and what responsibility you will be given. In a discussion with a company representative or the vocational school teachers, the circumstances and alternatives are clarified objectively. An apprenticeship can easily be continued in another company and can even be continued for a few weeks without the current company only with vocational school lessons. We have also taken on someone in the past during their training. A big advantage: We knew that the trainee was really interested in the profession.
The training period was years ago now and we are pleased that the person continues to work for us.


Training situation 2021

In Germany, the number of apprenticeships is declining due to corona. Many companies do not know whether they will have enough orders and personnel in the future to be able to provide training for more than three years. In addition, personnel decision-makers have to face the question: While short-time work is applied for long-time staff, new trainees come to the company full-time. How is this approach received by the employees? We are also faced with the question of whether to train this year. In the past, it was clear to us that if we were to train, we would do so with the option of taking on the trainees. It will not be easy to get a trainee position this year. That's why we want to use our experience as a training company to give you tips for the application phase.

Application tips for prospective trainees

  1. Call the company before submitting your written application. Ask for additional information such as the exact start of the training or the vocational school classes. This way you are already in mind and can refer to the phone call in the cover letter.
  2. Find out about the company in advance on the Internet and address at least one aspect in your cover letter that particularly motivates you. Make it clear in one sentence that it is precisely the company that really interests you.
  3. Make sure you have a flawless cover letter and complete application documents. This includes the last school report, certificates or proof of internships, other initial work experience and the CV. Have someone close to you proofread the documents and check them for completeness.
  4. When it comes to sending applications, email is more common than post. The advantage for you: The documents are not bent during packaging or damaged during shipping and arrive within seconds. Often you will receive a confirmation of receipt directly.
  5. Don't forget to save all attachments as pdf or image file like jpg when applying by email. Open documents, such as word files can appear visually different on each computer and look very messy and unstructured. In addition, open file formats often end up in spam, your application might not be delivered.
FACO employee on the phone

Once in our team, we involve trainees in decision-making processes at an early stage. For the 2021 training year, we trust trainees even earlier and have decided to make the allocation of training places dependent on the quality of the applicants.
If you convince us, we will create a training position for you in 2021. Whether as an industrial clerk, warehouse logistics specialist or office management assistant.

Unsolicited applications for apprenticeships are welcome as of now!

More information can be found here: Job postings