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Our philosophy

We are fair

For us, fairness means dealing with our customers, suppliers and each other with confidence, honesty and appreciation. Our work processes are always transparent and comprehensible, from consultation through production to delivery, and we always communicate proactively.

We are sustainable

With solid corporate governance, we have the ability to actively shape the future, recognize trends, and respond flexibly to the needs of the marketplace and our customers.

An important basis for this is the internal modernization and structuring. Investing in more efficient machines is just as much part of the same as optimizing the work processes or regular further education about sector-relevant contents.

We are customer-centered

For us this means knowing the wishes and needs of the customer from industry, trade and commerce. Through regular exchange and close communication these are implemented as exactly as possible in our processes and products.

We are quality-conscious

An eye for detail but also the big picture is always very important to us. Through constant control and optimization of our processes, as well as training of our employees, we guarantee our customers the highest level of quality. This starts with the selection of suppliers and goes on until the optimization of your own work processes. Only in this way can we keep our quality promise.

We are sustainable

Sustainability is a great part of our working habit and procedures. Additionally we pay close attention to the sustainability of our suppliers, who should have equally high standards. As a result we formed our own environmental guidelines, which we developed in the course of our "Ökoprofit" ('Ecoprofit') project. As a sustainable company we attach great importance to these values and we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment.