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Detailed technical information about our machines

Machine typeManufacturerModelDimensions/application area
Fiber-Laser 3 KWMazakOptiplex Nexus1500 x 3000 mm


Machine typeManufacturerModelDimensions/application area
Revolver punching machineAmadaEurope 258Punch/nibble combination up to 4000x1250x6 mm
Manual punching machineDurmaIron Worker 55 TonMetal sheet processing up to 2000x1000x6 mm
Hydraulic notching machineBoschertLB12Cutting length 220 mm max, sheet thickness 6,0 mm


Machine typeManufacturerModelDimensions/application area
Hydraulic notching machineAmadaHFE 170-4170 KN pressing force, 4000 mm working length
Hydraulic notching machineAmadaHFE 50-250 KN pressing force, 2000 mm working length
3-Roll bending machineFastiModel 106 Cylindrical/conical bending up to 2,00 m length


Machine typeManufacturerModelDimensions/application area
Hydraulic swing cut sheet shearRASPOWERcut4000 mm working length, 5,0 mm sheet thickness
Hydraulic swing cut sheet shearDurmaDHGM 30063000 mm working length, 6,0 mm sheet thickness


Machine typeManufacturerModelDimensions/application area
Pipe drilling machineHeböRBV12Flow drilling, drilling, thread forms for round and square tubes up to 6000 mm length
Box column drillFlottP23 
Box column drillFlottSB 25 ST 
Hydraulic press-in machineHaeger618 Plus-HForce range up to 53kn, stroke length 0 - 200 mm
Pneumatic riveting toolTitgemeyerTIOS 220 


Machine typeManufacturerModelDimensions/application area
Plasma welding machineUniwig200 PTIG and electrodes welding machine
Plasma welding machineEWMTIG 250 DCPlasma welding
MIG/MAG welding machineMAHEi-TigSteel/stainless steel welding
TIG welding machineMAHE Stainless steel welding
TIG shielded arc welding machineRehm Stainless steel welding
TIG shielded arc welding 280 AC/DCAluminium welding
Plasma welding torch  Flash welding
TurntableEurotronicDT 70 
BeizgerätHSFTIG-MAX 8000Stainless steel welding seam cleanser


Machine typeManufacturerModelDimensions/application area
Welding machineSchlatterSelekta 2Outreach 450 mm
Stud welding machineASAS1066 
Stud welding machineSoyerBMS-8N 


Machine typeManufacturerModelDimensions/application area
High-performance metal circular sawBehringer EiseleVMS 350 PVTubes, full material (stainless steel), length measuring system up to 6m
Metal circular sawRurackVS 300Tubes, full material (steel)
Hand-held circular saw for metal  Tubes, full material (steel)


Machine typeManufacturerModelDimensions/application area
Tube-, profile grinding machineLöserKS100Tubes, rods, profiles up to 6000 mm
Flexion waveHaspaSMV16 
Flexion waveHaspaSMV32 
Double grinding- / polishing machineAcetiART 46 
Flat grinding PLC controlled machineAcetiART 57 
Telescopic swing belt grinding machineAcetiART 32 
Deburring machineRSARASAMAX DUO 


Machine typeManufacturerModelDimensions/application area
Spray cleaning machineFrankeSRA-3000 I_RSChemical degreasing up to 1500 x 3000 mm


Individual service and support

Your possibilities with us

Punching technology

Extensive manufacturing capabilities for perforated plates

Laser technology

When individual and demanding sheet metal parts require complex contours, we are the right partner for you

Individual service and support

More information about our technologies

Firststage processing

Further processed products from our stock program, semi-finished metal products or finished products

Welding technology

We offer all common methods: MIG/MAG, TIG and plasma welding.

Surface finishing

Reduce wear, increase durability, improve appearance: FACO Metalltechnik offers finishing for every area of application