Metallbearbeitung kleinauflage

Flexibility in all scopes

Whether industry or handicrafts - there is one thing all our customers have in common: high quality standards and specific requirements. We have adjusted our individual service and support accordingly. You can count on our absolute reliability and transparency in all of our processing areas.

Take advantage of the benefits our service offers for custom-made products and all the different opportunities we provide regarding the further processing of metals. These include punching, metal forming, bending, welding, riveting and even the assembly of components. Additionally our network of cooperating partners allows us to offer the following surface refinements:

  • Laser
  • Punching
  • Chamfering
  • Bending
  • Welding
  • Riveting
  • Assembly of Components


Detailed technical information about our machines:

Laser Technology

Fiber-Laser 3 KW Mazak Optiplex Nexus 3 KW 1500 x 3000 mm

CNC-/manual punching

Revolver Punching Machine Amada Europe 285 Punch/Nibble combination up to 4000x1250x6 mm
Manual Punch Durma Iron Worker 55 Ton Metal sheet processing up to 2000x1000x6 mm
Hydraulic Notching Machine Boschert LB12 Cutting length 220 mm max, Sheet thickness 6,0 mm


Hydraulic Notching Machine Amada HFE 170-4 170 KN pressing force, 4000 mm working length
Hydraulic Notching Machine Amada HFE 50-2 50 KN pressing force, 2000 mm working length
3-Roll Bending Machine Fasti Model 106 cylindrical/conical bending up to 2,00 m length


Hydraulic Swing Cut Sheet Shear RAS POWERcut 4000 mm working length, 5,0 mm sheet thickness 
Hydraulic Swing Cut Sheet Shear Durma DHGM 3006 3000 mm working length, 6,0 mm sheet thickness


Pipe Drilling Machine Hebö RBV12 flow drilling, drilling, thread forms for round and square tubes up to 6000 mm length
Box Column Drill Flott P23  
Box Column Drill Flott SB 25 ST  
Hydraulic Press-In Machine Haeger  618 Plus-H force range up to 53kn, stroke length 0 - 200 mm
Pneumatic Riveting Tool Titgemeyer TIOS 220  


Plasma Welding Machine Uniwig 200 P TIG and electrodes welding machine
Plasmaschweißanlage EWM TIG 250 DC Plasma welding
MIG/MAG Welding Machine MAHE i-Tig welding of steel and stainless steel
TIG Welding Machine MAHE   welding stainless steel
TIG Shielded Arc Welding Machine Rehm   welding stainless steel
Plasma Welding Torch     flash welding
Turntable Eurotronic DT 70  
Pickling Machine HSF TIG-MAX 8000 stainless steel welding seam cleanser

Spot-/Stud Welding

Welding Machine Schlatter Selekta 2 outreach 450 mm
Stud Welding Machine AS AS1066  
Stud Welding Machine Soyer BMS-8N  


High-Performance Metal Circular Saw Behringer Eisele VMS 350 PV tubes,  full material (stainless steel), length measuring system up to 6m
Metal Circular Saw Rurack VS 300 tubes, full material (steel)
Metal Hand-Held Circular Saw      


Tube-, Profile Grinding Machine Löser KS100 tubes, rods, profiles up to 6000 mm
Flexion Wave Haspa SMV16  
Flexion Wave Haspa SMV32  
Double Grinding- / Polishing Machine Aceti ART 46  
Flat Grinding PLC controlled Machine Aceti ART 57  
Telescopic Swing Belt Grinding Machine Aceti ART 32  
Deburring Machine RSA RASAMAX DUO  


Spray Cleaning Mashine Franke SRA-3000 I_RS chemical degreasing up to 1500 x 3000 mm