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RUHR-MAKERTHON - Innovation for future

Ruhr-Makerthon - the project

The new joint project Ruhr-Makerthon - Innovation for future of the initiative zeero of the EN-Agency and the project streamUP of the Centre for Entrepreneurship & Transfer (CET) of the TU Dortmund University and the start-up service of the Bochum University of Applied Sciences wants to initiate sustainable and innovative solution ideas for companies! In doing so, they network regional medium-sized businesses with the creative potential of universities and young start-ups within the framework of an intensive cooperation lasting several weeks. The goal is to find custom-fit solutions for business challenges in the areas of energy and resource optimization and sustainable mobility.

Ruhrmakerthon - Innovation for Future - How does the whole thing work?

The companies propose a challenge or problem, which the Ennepe-Ruhr business development agency formulates with them and classifies them thematically. Afterwards, creative minds are called upon to face their challenges. The selected idea developers work in a process of several weeks on the solutions, which are presented at a final pitch. During this time, the teams are closely supported by workshops (e.g. design thinking) and the use of certain infrastructures (e.g. co-working spaces/digital infrastructure). The companies act as mentors and provide the teams with weekly feedback during a consultation hour. In the end, they benefit from the solutions that they can implement directly in their companies.


  • innovation outsourcing
  • Development of sustainable and innovative solution ideas
  • Collaborative cooperation between SMEs and creative idea developers
  • Direct implementation of the best ideas
  • Expansion and strengthening of the regional ecosystem
  • Increasing regional awareness of zeero, CET+streamUP and participating SMEs

Follow-up phase

  • Presentation of solutions by idea developers and discussions on further cooperation with SMEs
  • If necessary, tie the idea developers to SMEs (internships, final theses, working students)
  • Promising ideas can be further developed and accompanied within the framework of streamUP.

Start of registration for the RUHR-MAKERTHON 2021 - INNOVATION FOR FUTURE

Since 13 July 2021, creative idea developers, students and start-ups can register for the Ruhr Makerthon 2021. They can choose from 10 exciting and practical business problems to work on from 16 August to 20 September 2021. During the 4-week processing period, the teams will be closely supervised by supporting workshops in finding solutions. Among other things, the companies benefit from the solution approaches, while the idea developers benefit from the following advantages:

  • first professional contacts
  • the input of the workshops
  • a temporary workplace in a co-working space
  • getting to know creative methods
  • contribute to climate protection
  • Look behind the scenes and get to know entrepreneurial processes
  • When winning the Ruhr-Makerthon: besides fame & glory, a prize money of 1.500 EUR and further material prizes.

And the most important thing: Your own innovative problem solution that not only advances the company, but you as well! Fancy a challenge? Then choose a challenge, register by 10 August 2021 and show what you're made of!



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