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Data protection for companies

Secure Cage Systems secures your computer systems

This article is about the security of EDP and server systems in companies. Many entrepreneurs think of data protection in terms of external attacks on the software, for example by hackers. Or misuse such as data theft via USB stick or manipulation of the database by their own staff.
The software-based perspective is obvious when it comes to considering existential risks. If IT no longer functions, there is a threat of collapse. There is also a physical component that plays a role in risk assessment.

Computer systems are often not properly secured

Too often, server systems are not protected at all or only insufficiently protected and accessible to everyone. Where there happens to be space, in the copy room, in the storage room or where the noise of the processors does not disturb the employees. Shared premises with business or residential parties also increase the risk of unauthorized access.

Objective risk assessment required

We at SCS - FACO produce security cages to protect server systems against theft, manipulation and damage. Therefore, we know that in many companies physical data protection has not yet been integrated into a security concept, or not sufficiently so. The question we ask ourselves is why physical data security is still given low priority in many companies. After all, the damage that a stolen or damaged server represents for the company is just as existential as a hacker attack on the software.
Our conclusion is that this danger is subjectively not considered likely. An objective assessment is therefore urgently needed. The legislator provides guidelines for this.

Physical data protectionby law


  • DSGVO (Basic Data Protection Regulation) Art. 32 Para. 1 lit. a-d
  • BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act) § 64 para. 3 p.1
  • GoB (principles of proper accounting)

Essentially, it is about ensuring the functionality of the systems and setting up local access authorizations. It must therefore be regulated who may have access to the computer systems - keyword "access control". Precise information on this can be found in the "Technical Organisational Measures", or TOMs for short:

  • Fences, gates and other spatial boundaries
  • Security locks
  • Locking systems with code locks
  • Chip cards for locked areas
  • Access barriers secured with biometric features

These areas are covered by our Security Cages DSGVO compliant.

Ensure safety with secure cages

We design our Secure Cages according to the respective local conditions.
The individual setup can be implemented in just a few weeks. Calculated on the runtime, the costs are low. Further information and concrete product examples with prices can be found at our Secure Cage Systems Website

In addition to physical protection, secure cages are a strong symbol for the responsible handling of personnel and customer data, both externally and internally, and have a positive effect on the company's image.