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SCS Secure Cage Systems

SCS Secure Cage Systems

Safety measures fpr computer systems are becoming more relevant

For some years now, we have also been active as a provider of cage systems in addition to our traditional core business. Planning, production and assembly are carried out under the umbrella of our "Secure Cage Systems" division.

Our experienced assembly team has meanwhile realised different cage variants throughout Germany. We are active on an international level with strong partners. We have already set up our "Secure Cage Systems" in France and England. Even over longer distances, such as in the Arab Emirates, we work with fixed cooperation partners. At the beginning there is always an on-site visit at the customer's premises. This is the only way to plan and calculate suitable cage solutions, taking into account fire protection measures and access control systems. We use the recorded data to draw up the corresponding installation plans, which enables us to identify and implement further necessary detailed solutions. For our customers, implementation by us as a full-service provider has a significant advantage: There are no frictional losses due to the coordination of different service providers, and own resources are not tied up because the coordination takes place via a main contact person from our company.

A special challenge is always the assembly. In colocation centres, the assembly conditions are strict and the work must be kept efficient. Therefore, the individual cage components are prepared by us according to the structural conditions. In the computer centre, we can thus guarantee a smooth process and safe, fast assembly. In the future, we want to expand our Secure Cage solutions to include individual single solutions for medium-sized companies. The ongoing digitalisation and the increasing legal requirements, such as the DSGVO, mean that companies in every sector are required to provide optimum hardware security for their data. Due to a modular panel system, our offer can be adapted to any company size. And should the situation on site change, we can quickly and flexibly upgrade or upgrade. All our materials are also fully recyclable.

In addition to the practical benefits, security images for server-based computer systems are also a clear symbol both externally and internally for responsible handling of valuable employee and customer data and thus have a positive effect on the corporate image.

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