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Skilled workers

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Skilled workers wanted

Wenn über den deutschen Mittelstand gesprochen wird, ist oft auch der Fachkräftemangel Thema. Auch bei uns gibt es Stellen, die gerade unbesetzt sind. Wir nehmen das zum Anlass Einblicke in unsere Personalsuche zu geben und für die Vakanzen zu werben.

Let's start with the vacant position of work preparation to support the production management. The colleague currently responsible will leave us in March 2021. We attach great importance to an appropriate training phase, as precise knowledge of our products and processes is necessary. This complex knowledge can best be conveyed by the current job holder, which is why we are launching the application offensive this year. Core activities for the work preparation are, for example, machine programming and CAD drawing. There will be close cooperation with the plant management. A detailed job advertisement is in the works.

Another colleague is starting a course of study. We are very sorry to see him leave, as he has been with us since his apprenticeship and in his current position he fulfills tasks in both sales and process management. However, we are of course delighted that he is embarking on a new career. Depending on the scope and effort of his studies, he will continue to provide us with partial support. We will reorganize processes and tasks accordingly. In the medium term, however, we will need further support.

For some time now, we have been looking for a metal worker/welder who is familiar with the welding processes for stainless steel and aluminum. We would also like to have a machine operator for lasers and a machine operator for CNC press brakes for support.

Our production manager, Martin Czajkowski, is responsible for selecting the candidates in the company. Employees and supervisors get to know each other right from the start. In this way, we keep the application and coordination process lean and transparent.

Studies show that the shortage of skilled workers in the metalworking industry has been alleviated by the decline in the number of jobs due to the economic downturn. Hopefully, we will benefit from this. Corona plays into our hands in this aspect due to the slowdown in orders, as we can still manage projects well at the moment. This can change quickly. We want to avoid longer unfilled positions causing problems. We also want to expand our company and services. That's why we rely on several options when looking for skilled workers.

We work closely with the employment agency and temporary employment agencies. Temporary employment agencies fulfill a very important function for us, especially in the run-up to the selection process. For us, a medium-sized company without a personnel apparatus, they take over the pre-selection and thus reduce the effort considerably. After six months, it is possible to take over the personnel in a permanent position in our company if all parties wish to do so.

We are also happy to recruit candidates from abroad. In our current workforce we have a mix of many nations. In addition to specialist knowledge, we expect employees to have a good knowledge of the German language or to be motivated to attend appropriate courses. Here we work together with permanent language providers. Especially in the technical area when operating machines, there must be no misunderstandings in communication, if only for safety reasons.

We are a team of 20 people. The high level of loyalty has created a family atmosphere with open and appreciative communication. This is what sets us apart and is a central aspect of our corporate philosophy. Our fluctuation is low compared to other market participants. Some colleagues have been with us for 15 years.

There is no denying that large corporations, such as the automotive industry, can pay higher salaries. We counter this with the advantages of a locally connected medium-sized company with a strongly connected workforce.

Unsolicited applications are always welcome. Send us your application today as a PDF file by email to:

FACO Metalltechnik GmbH + Co. KG
Mr. Martin Czajkowski
Aufsicht 13
58256 Ennepetal

Tel.: 02333/7909-18



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