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Annual review: 2021

New year, new happiness

We started 2021 with a new sales campaign for our SCS Secure Cage Systems business unit. This is because we noticed that many companies do not have a strong security mindset when it comes to protecting their own "heart chamber", the central IT system. Hardware and software is often accessible to anyone. Our mission is still to educate people about physical data protection and data security.

This now applies not only to data centers. With our "U-Cages" division, we have also been increasingly offering solutions for medium-sized companies since the summer. We still feel like pioneers in this field.

We can only expand further if we have sufficient personnel available. The shortage of skilled workers was not only slowing us down. Jobs remained unfilled everywhere. The year showed how important a healthy training infrastructure is. We have long been involved in the Chamber of Industry and Commerce as examiners and provide training ourselves. In this way, we make our contribution and have a direct line to the next generation. Our appeal for the coming year: Become active within the scope of your own feasibility and take responsibility.

Not all problems could be solved through commitment, motivation and good will. Some things came from outside and simply happened without our being able to influence them. Like the increasingly acute steel shortage. There have always been cycles of availability, but not in this dimension. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is still not a thing of the past, but will continue to accompany us. Nevertheless, to be a reliable partner, we rely on serving our regular customers and fulfilling long-term agreements.

To further improve our ecological footprint, we have joined the "Alliance for Climate and Development". This year, we will continue to report on our measures.

We were also pleased that the EFA, Energy Efficiency Agency NRW, mentioned us as a reference project in its press documents. We have come a great deal closer to our goal of becoming climate-neutral.

At the end of the year, we launched our digital B2B product finder. Customers can now get a quick overview of our product portfolio from their computer. This enables us to respond to customer wishes and at the same time become more efficient internally, as processes have been digitized. This leaves more time for personal consulting.

As we write this blog, it strikes us once again that 2021 had many positive experiences despite all the adversity. Together, we were able to bring our company a bit further forward. Especially in the interpersonal area, exceptional situations show how well we work together.