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Development of a B2B-Shop

FACO Shop/Productfinder

In our industry, individual advice is a fundamental factor for satisfied customers. For us, consulting means exchanging ideas, asking questions and thinking outside the box. In this way, we learn a lot about our customers' requirements and can thus develop new product approaches or optimize processes.

A current example of this is our new B2B shop, which focuses on a needs-based product finder. This supports us in fulfilling our consulting mission even better.

Visit our new B2B-Shop/Productfinder here 

The development of our shop-based product-finder

The analysis of the last few years has shown that our regular customers, but also new customers who know exactly what they want, like to have an overview of our current portfolio. They also want to orient themselves quickly and know whether and which products can be requested from us.
In addition, we have used web controlling to determine which product areas on our website are visited frequently, less frequently or not at all.

This is how our product finder with six preset product categories came into being: Expanded metal, wire mesh, edging profile, perforated sheet, spot welded mesh and woven mesh. They can be combined with seven filters such as material, format, mesh length, mesh width, web width, web thickness and free area. An enquiry with the selected products is then sent to us at the click of a mouse. The costs are determined directly by us, because we always calculate according to daily updated prices.

For the reason of the daily topicality we have decided not to deposit prices in the product finder. Another reason: Even if inquiries contain all important information, we steer here and there, go into special features or correct details after consultation and are of course as usual also available by phone.


The advantages for our customers are clear: the phase for obtaining quotes becomes more efficient. We defined the main and sub-parameters as categories. The navigation is intuitive. It is unlikely that a request is incorrect or that certain aspects have not been taken into account.
This allows us to calculate even faster, as the product details are precise and we have set up a mailbox with shared access to enquiries.

The intelligent database solution in the backend also makes our work easier. Whereas we used to invest a lot of effort in creating physical product catalogues, maintaining our product range is now a continuous process. Product changes and extensions can be mapped directly in the B2B shop.

Shop systems or shop-based product finders are also well suited for findability in search engines, as the individual products can be placed more prominently and this type of structured data is preferred by search engines. We want our products to be displayed not only when you visit our website, but already beforehand, when you search on Google, for example.

With the product finder, we have taken an important step in our digitalization strategy. Nevertheless, we will not consider the project as completed, but will work on it to continue to make the function better in the future.



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